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Poole Pottery
  Poole Pottery at forsyths   
  Each piece of Poole Pottery is unique and individual as the next, with layer upon layer of reactive glaze to create Poole's vibrant and bold decoration. Every single item is personalised with the artist's own individual mark, adding value to the collectability of each piece. 

  The iconic Poole Pottery designs Volacano and Gemstone in dramatic red and orange Living Glazes are as popular as ever at forsyths.Now we have new more nuetral colourways such as Maya,Jasmine and Celestial-still recognisably Poole and no less dramatic.

Poole Pottery Jasmine Range at forsyths Poole Pottery Alexis Range at forsyths Poole Pottery Maya Range at forsyths

 ...see Poole Pottery at forsyths

Poole Pottery is all about colour. Each piece is hand painted and therefore unique, combining traditional skills with contemporary design.

Our ceramics are created using the Living Glaze technique and are handcrafted by our team at Poole Pottery on the Quay and in our factory in Stoke-On-Trent. Living Glaze involves the application of different glazes which react with one another to achieve the unique results you see on each piece.

Fine surface cracking is a natural result of the process and this antiqued effect will continue to develop within your home as the piece matures. Should you listen carefully, you can hear the glaze continuing to move against the clay.